Solving talent acquisition as an early-stage founder

Solving talent acquisition as an early-stage founder

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If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have your first 2 to 4 founding team members in place and are looking to add more individuals, either as interns, consultants, or planning to make space for another founding member for a key function. So, let's trace back your steps.

I'm assuming that it has been 1 month or more since the roles have been open. The HR talent (who is also tasked with being a recruiter) you hired may be either a fresher who needs more time to help you make the right hire or the person is experienced, but, as a team, you have limited resources to support the HR with access to job portals like LinkedIn, Instahyre, Wellfound, and others.

Several recruitment agencies promise quality and speedy hires only in exchange for 8.33% to 20% commission on the CTC of every hire (depending on the level at which the hire is made) they make on your behalf.


To keep things moving, your HR is making peace with Google Forms and Sheets as a CRM tool. All the inbound talents who are reaching out to you on LinkedIn are going cold in the inbox while you struggle to hand over the leads to your HR seamlessly.

Employer branding falls on a recruiter's shoulder, and to imagine them working with limited resources is disheartening, to say the least.


You had a Chrome extension that effortlessly crawls through LinkedIn applicants and their resumes, capturing all relevant details!

A web app that acts as a co-pilot, with ready-to-use message templates for LinkedIn DMs. No more misspelling names!

A web app that lets you trigger a web-based phone call to your talent without fumbling with your phone screen every time—hiring sprints made easy!

Lastly, what if founders could consult talent specialists for domain expertise of their choice at a fraction of the cost to craft job descriptions, assignments, hiring forecasts, salary slabs, and a lot more?

Exciting news—our team has crafted just that! SuperHR is a cross-platform (extension, mobile app, web app) tool designed to manage your top-of-the-funnel talent pool effortlessly! We'd love to welcome all early-stage founders who are looking to build their talent function for early access to SuperHR.

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